Billing Policy

Billing and Receipting

Theodore Medical has EFTPOS to facilitate payment at time of consultation. Using a system called Tyro, the Medicare rebate from the consultation is processed with a refund back into your nominated bank account within eleven seconds of payment.

If you qualify for a Social Security concession card, pension card or Veterans concession card, you are billed at discount. This is done direct to Medicare.

If you are not on a concession card you will be billed directly for the full fee and payment is required at the end of consultation.

Consultations are Billed According to Whether they are:
Our Fee
Medicare Refund





Simple and short < 5 mins Item 3

Normal requiring further tests < 20 mins Item 23

Long and complex < 40 mins Item 36

Prolonged and highly complex > 40 mins Item 44









Please Note: Further costs can be expected for some additional procedures or investigations in addition to consultation.

  • Home visits and after-hours visits are charged at a higher rate.
  • X-rays, procedures and other treatments carry an extra fee.
  • If you need admission to hospital as a private patient, you will receive a full refund of all fees from Medicare and your private health insurance fund.
  • We expect that you will settle your account as you leave the surgery so have EFTPOS facilities for your convenience.
  • For your convenience, Medicare Easy Claim is available. Using Easy Claim Medicare will provide reimbursement into your nominated account within eleven seconds of account being paid in full.
  • There will be a gap of $45 on standard, long and prolonged consultation and a $25 gap on short consultations.
  • Smaller gaps will apply to some procedures
  • Skin lesions will be billed after the pathology results determine the extent of the lesion and will be posted to you for payment.
Referral to Specialists and/or Diagnostic Testing - Additional Costs

To ensure the best management of your care, doctors may refer you to other (specialist) doctors and services. You will need a letter or referral and or request forms from the GP to access the specialist and or other diagnostic services. Please note that there will be additional costs associated with seeing other doctors and having other tests done away from Theodore.

Theodore Medical Centre Banking details:

BSB 064 701

Account Number: 10287555

CBA Biloela