To keep you safe and well especially during the COVID 19 pandemic, Theodore Medical has instituted several infection control initiatives.


A Telehealth option is available for those that mainly need the talking and paperwork part of the consultation

  • Script
  • A follow up consultation
  • Some advice
  • A long discussion before a short consultation

With our knowledge of you we can often make a complex diagnosis and arrange treatment without a hands-on examination thereby saving a trip into the surgery.

Attending the practice

Some patients will still need to attend the practice for blood tests, investigations, removal of sutures, emergencies, acute illness and some chronic disease check-ups.

We are working hard to keep you and our staff safe for this.


Our wonderful community volunteers have made colourful cloth masks for you and we would appreciate you wearing them to your consultation.

We are giving everyone who attends an appointment at Theodore Medical two cloth masks. One is to use today and another to use later (while you are getting the first one washed).

Please bring it to every consultation.

Please put the mask on and apply hand sanitiser to your hands as you enter Theodore Medical

Why do I need a mask?

The main reason is to protect others in case you get COVID-19 without knowing it. It will provide some protection against you catching COVID19.

Considerations when wearing a mask

  • Touching the mask may contaminate your hands especially when taking it off.
  • Be sure to touch only the straps and put it straight in a washing machine.
  • Be careful not to get into the habit of touching or adjusting your mask
  • Make sure you still practice hand hygiene, careful coughing and social distancing

How do clean the mask?

Put it straight in a washing machine with a hot wash (with disinfectant if you like), a good sun dry and then a hot iron.

What else is Theodore Medical
doing to keep the surgery safe for you to visit?

  • Keeping Theodore Medical cough free – all patients with respiratory symptoms need to attend our respiratory clinic
  • Social distancing in the waiting room and at the reception desk
  • PayWave payment where possible
  • Hand sanitiser – please apply as you enter and leave – located on reception desk
  • Disposable couch liners and modesty covers (no more linen)
  • Full surgery clean three times a week with hospital grade sanitiser including furniture, door handles and all surfaces
  • Frequent cleaning of surfaces and examination couches during the day, cleansed with hospital grade sanitiser
  • Handwashing and/or hand sanitiser between all patients

Doctors won’t be wearing masks at this stage except at the respiratory clinic to preserve our stocks of medical masks.

Theodore Hospital is also adhering to strict infection control measures.

Thanks for your co-operation in keeping our community safe.