Our Services


Practice Services

Theodore Medical offers a wide range of medical consultations and procedures. Not all aspects of services are listed. Please call if the service you require is not listed as we are most likely able to assist you.


Allied Health Services

Allied Health comprises of health professionals such as occupational therapists, social workers, physiotherapists, speech pathologists, optometrist, exercises physiologist, dietitian and psychologist.


Community Health

Theodore Medical works collaboratively with the Dawson View Hostel, Retirement Village and Home and Community Care. Doctors from Theodore Medical provide health checks and visits to both the Retirement Village and Hostel. Theodore Community Link also plays a part in keeping the community healthy with public education events and a newsletter network.


Preventative Care

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of a cure. Help Theodore Medical keep a watchful eye on your health via regular healthcare checks and GP Management Plans .


Travel Information

Travelling to exotic countries will quite possibly mean the need for immunisation to keep healthy whilst away from Australia. Theodore Medical can source all travel vaccinations including cholera, typhoid, rabies and is a designated centre for Yellow Fever. Please discuss with the doctor your itinerary to ensure you given the necessary immunisations to stay healthy while away and stay health  upon your return.

closing the gap

Closing The Gap

If you identify as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander please let Theodore Medical team know so we are better able to help with your health care needs.


Acute Nursing

Skilled in taking observations and bloods, assisting doctors with procedures, performing ECGs and managing pathology results, the acute nursing team are on hand to support doctors and patients.


Grey Nomads

Welcome to Theodore! Enjoy your stay.

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Health Improvement

Our Health Improvements team is there to help you manage your health.


Pre Employment Medicals

Some jobs also have legal requirements and standards that need to be met, such as the national standards for Commercial and Heavy Vehicle driving, Rail Safety Workers medical and Queensland Coal Board medicals to name just a few.

aviation medical

Aviation Medicals (CASA)

Dr Chater is a DAME – ie. a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner. If you are a pilot and required your licence renewed, please ring and make an appointment to see Dr Chater. The assessment is online so results are sent to CASA at the time unless further medical examination is deemed necessary.



Theodore Medical can connect you with specialist doctors to review your health concerns. This saves you long distance travel to larger centres to see the specialist. Most speciality areas can be connected via telehealth for both public and private specialists.