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Health Improvement

The Health Improvement team offers assistance in managing your own health by organising appointments, follow-up appointments, blood tests and other tests necessary to monitor your health. This team also provides education and assistance in organising Your Health Record accessible from the MyGov website.

Areas of expertise include diabetes cycle of care, GP Management Plans (GPMPs), Closing the Gap Indigenous Health assessments and Health assessments such as 45 – 49 years and over 75 years of age.

This team are also familiar with the sensitivities of completing questionnaires related to substance abuse in assisting patients into help programs.

Audiometer/Ear Irrigation is done as part of GP Management Plans, where necessary, or part of pre employment medicals.

The Health Improvements team have had the necessary training to provide services whilst working within their scope of clinical practice.

You may receive an SMS from the Health Improvement’s team reminding you that a cycle of care is due for review. Please ring or use the link to make an appointment. 49931279

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