For most people, email and internet is now part of everyday life and as such there is an expectation to be able to use this technology even in the health setting.

As a result, the Theodore Medical team uses email and the internet to assist in efficient and safe delivery of health care services to our patients.

Our team are trained to be conscious that even if patients have provided electronic contact details ie email addresses, that there is verbal confirmation that the patient understands that other people accessing an email address may have access to information.

Emails sent to the Practice Manager via the website will be answered in approximately 3 to 5 working days.

External emails sent to reception staff will be screened and sent onto team member who can best look after query or request. Our team will aim to reply in 1 to 3 working days depending on the complexity of answer.

All significant electronic contact and messaging with patients is recorded in Medical Director.

The Theodore Medical team has a rigid policy to which they adhere to in using the internet and email with an understanding that email and internet is primarily a means to ensuring the smooth, daily running of the Practice as part of their specific roles. Any breaches of the correct use of email and internet will be reviewed and adjustments made to process if necessary or team member will be re-trained.

Occasionally a team member may use the Theodore Medical email/internet for personal use and this is done under the same rigid policy.

This policy is annually reviewed, discussed and re-signed by team members indicating a solid knowledge of the ramifications of using email and the internet.

Theodore Medical uses Practice owned laptop computers accessing email/internet to complete home visits or nursing home visits.

At times, team members with Management approvals to have the Theodore Medical emails on personal smart phones may access email to ensure business continuity or information pertinent to patient care.

Theodore Medical doctors may also use smart phones to check dosages often using a specific medical app.

For a full copy of the Theodore Medical Email and Internet Policy – click here